These beads can be used in many different arts, crafts, and design projects. Wooden beads are a common feature in many of the current summer and autumn dresses on the market. It is easy to modify your dresses to incorporate wooden beads if you want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. These clothing items will look fantastic when worn at the beach or on a barbecue in the park.

Halter dress

You can make changes to your halter dress, but they will not last forever. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid to alter it. You should opt for a halter-style dress with thin straps to allow you to customize it. You should choose chunkier beads for your project if the straps are thicker than the dress. You should choose smooth beads with a good finish to avoid irritation.


Begin by untying the straps and taking out any toggles that may be attached to the ends of the opposing threads. To prevent the beads from falling off, thread the beads onto the straps. A strong knot will do the trick if there is no toggle. Now your dress is ready to be worn.

A tube dress can be adapted

This requires some extra work so it is worth looking for an old tube dress at a charity shop. If you are careful, however, you can still remove the straps to restore your dress back to its original tube shape. For this, you will need to use more delicate wooden beads. A needle, thread and elastic cord with a high-tensile will be required. You will need a tube dress to wear. Next, you will need two pieces of cord that are about 1cm long to serve as the straps. Attach the strap to the inside of your dress by sewing one end. The strap can now be embellished with beads. When the beads are about 1 cm long, you can stop threading them on. The strap can be finished by sewn into the back of your dress. Continue the process with the second strap. Make sure you are sewing it in the correct place or your dress could look sloppy. After the beads have been attached, it is important to make sure that the strap ends are securely secured. The dress can be tried on to ensure it fits correctly.